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Beijing Commercial Sky Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. (BCSCO), a joint- venture company registered in Beijing of China, is specialized in water treatment engineering field since 1994.
As a reform pioneer in water treatment field in China, BCSCO first introduced the advanced automatic softener - into China market, made a revolution in this field. We imported Controlling Valves from Fleck Control Inc. of the USA and other equivalent softener from the USA to Beijing and combined with resin tanks made domestically to produce the new softener in Beijing.
In 1999 BCSCO cooperated with Beijing New Techniques Institute and produced first domestic automatic water softener controller gained the national patent.
In 2000 BCSCO solely imported advanced smart degasser and air & dirt separator serial products into China. It can avoid the blockages and oxygen corrosions, which are long-standing in HVAC systems.
Considering the characteristics of Chinese heating and cooling systems, in 2008 BCSCO made up the shortages of imported products, further, that research and developed the smart refill & degassing system, and have obtained the national patents. Since the year, BCSCO embark on the road of independent research and development.
Based on the advantages of information, technical equipment and administration, BCSCO continues to introduce innovative new products. Because of advanced technique and a high level automation of its equipment and good services before and after sales, BCSCO has gained a very good reputation in water treatment field in China.
Now BCSCO owns a nice team with experienced engineers and service people, it remains commitment provide the high industry standard water treatment equipment and projects with best performance for commerce and industry fields in China.

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